My name is William Mills...

but, my friends call me Bill!
As uncomfortable as I may be with "shameless self-promotion", I know that it's an absolute necessity for anyone who hopes to ever have their music heard, appreciated and/or have the chance to be published and recorded.
So, here I am, guitar in hand, for all the world to see and hear...

(almost)The Whole Sordid Tale... so far!
I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. My mother, (Rose Marie), was born in Arkansas and my father, (also William Mills), was a relocated Oklahoma farmboy of Cherokee Indian ancestry who made a living as a mechanic, but raced "stock" cars and played guitar and sang C&W music in his spare time. My parents separated when I was 10 and my mother moved herself and I (and her younger brother) to Hollywood, California. By 12 I had begun a career in movies and music. At 13 I had a small role in my first major feature film Disney's "Follow Me Boys" with Fred MacMurray, Vera Miles,(and a teen-aged Kurt Russell!).
<-- Bill with Fred MacMurray & in studio publicity shot -->
from "Follow Me Boys" Disney Prod.

That same year I received a recording contract with LARCHMONT RECORDS (a subsiduary of DOT RECORDS), but it was dissolved when I was incapacitated for a year with spinal meningitis!. Once back on my feet, I spent the next 20 years working in a variety of industry jobs including (among other things):actor, special effects make-up artist, stuntman (to see an example CLICK HERE), voice-over talent  (click to hear my LONG Voice Demo - 6 mins.!), A.D.R.(dubbing dialog for film - to see an example CLICK HERE ), syndicated radio program production and on-air talent, producer of an A.R.T.E. award winning Telephone Entertainment line "The WildeSide" under the pseudoname William Wilde, photographer ( 2 of my photos were published by BILLBOARD magazine! To see one of them  CLICK HERE), film sound effects editor, and I was even Associate Producer with a small movie company for a few years ( still from film showing credit), among various other endeavours! I ALSO had the unique privilege of playing a principle role (as Russell Willock) in writer/director Paul Bunnell's award winning horror/comedy short subject

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I attended Malibu Park Junior High School (Malibu, Calif.) and there I met and became best friends with a fellow student and fellow aspiring film-maker, actor, writer, stuntman, special effects artist, etc. etc.-- Robert Short. We became nearly inseperable partners for well over 10 years in a myriad of personal and 'show-biz' endeavours from making short 8mm action/horror movies (in which we were the entire production staff), then moving up to 16mm and eventually (when the technology was finally developed) video tape productions, to being a film-stunts team specializing in the art of film fights which led us to our participation in a "Live Stunt Troupe: DANGEROUS MOMENTS" a stage presentation created and headlined by expert gun handler/juggler Pat Rowan.

We also shared a fanatic devotion to a then new and unique television program called The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and became acknowledged experts/authorities on the show as well as avid collectors of any and all things connected to it. Our uncommon determination resulted in our acquiring a huge and unique collection of original props, scripts, wardrobe, set blueprints, major set pieces (recognizable furniture, paintings, etc. which were permanant fixtures of the sets), and eventually (as an adult with adult resources!) Robert purchased the one & only U.N.C.L.E. car, a vehicle expressly designed for the show to emulate the Bond Aston Martin DB5 as a rolling "weapon"! To view a reprinted magazine article with photos of the collection CLICK HERE!

When the program was cancelled Bob and I did a lot of the classic 'fan' things (like campaigning to get it back on the air), and we showcased our collection at science fiction and media conventions for many years from about 1972 on. I am proud that Bob and I are both included in at least two documentary books on "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." and are forever ensconced in history by virtue of those books being in the United States Library of Congress!! Oh, the stories and adventures connected to THAT PART of my 'colorful' past! And I am also more proud than he'll probably ever know that Bob continued to pursue his special effects ambitions and eventually WON an ACADEMY AWARD for Special Effects Make-up for the wonderful feature film
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As for 'stories to tell', our years as "minor celebs" in the world of Science-Fiction Fandom during that same time as a result of showing off the U.N.C.L.E. Archive Collection, as well as our live performances as famous film & t.v. characters (like Kato & Robin the boy wonder, Phantom of the Paradise..even Godzilla!!),(see examples on my PIX GALLERY page!) and various masquerade shows and the like, would also provide enough to fill a small book! But, enough of that...

All the while I was still playing guitar, singing, writing and performing music at every opportunity and honing what skills I have in music. For too many years, my film work took precedence over promoting or shopping my original compositions, and my music sat somewhat on the back burners.

In 1995 I moved to Las Vegas to be with my family, be 'caregiver' to an elderly, physically failing and adored Grandmother (Sarah Blackwell), and to devote more time to the arduous and frequently daunting task of promoting my songs for publishing and recording!

In November of 2000 I was blessed to wed the love of my life, (and also a dyed-in-the-wool U.N.C.L.E. fan!) the beautiful Roxanne L. formerly-Smith, (at The Waverly Chapel perfect for two old U.N.C.L.E. fans, eh?) in southern California where she had been born, raised and lived most of her life of 34 years. She packed up... lock, stock and barrel (INCLUDING iguana and kitty) to relocate to Las Vegas and married life. To hear my love song for my sweetheart ( "Roxie's Song") CLICK HERE! To see our Iguanas in the photos gallery CLICK HERE! To see our delightful ferret CandyMatson in her photo gallery CLICK HERE!"

2005 brought an unexpected return to audio production when I accepted an offer to produce audio books for Renaissance E Books Inc. we have released over a dozen titles as downloadable mp3 files from online retailers such as and others... where our titles have consistently ranked as high as Number One in both sales and Customer Ratings! I have an online slaes site for purchasing quality CD copies of our audio books and special audio presentations at The MAP Audio Book Shop

Which brings this rambling little tale to this point in time, and this site on the Internet! I am very pleased and grateful that you, intrepid net-crusier OR music professional (*NOTE: I AM SEEKING A PUBLISHER!!), have found your way to my little corner of Cyberspace. I hope that you find my website interesting and entertaining, and worth the time you spend here!

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